Wednesday, April 15, 2009

{Volunteers Needed}

We need voluteers to help pass out flyers at Stater Bros. and our local Schools before the next School Board Meeting on Thursday April 23, 2009.
If you can help please email Amanda


Sarah Jackson said...

Promote the High School Name Change...?

NO ACCOUNTABILITY (of those who got us here) --- NO PARTICIPATION (in the wasting of my time and resources)

Our community of Grand Terrace CANNOT reward Kent Taylor by continue in representing us because of HIS VOTE to name the high school Abril and his shocking disrespect toward us by seconding the motion.

NO ACCOUNTABILITY (of those who got us here) --- NO PARTICIPATION (in the wasting of my time and resources)

Practical Solutions:
1) Boycott STAR Testing 2008/2009
2) Recall Kent Taylor
3) Investigate the Mayor’s Participation
4) Investigate the Grand Terrace City Council
5) Investigate the CJUSD School Board, especially their spending and money allocation

NO ACCOUNTABILITY (of those who got us here) --- NO PARTICIPATION (in the wasting of my time)

That’s right, I’ll say it again. NO ACCOUNTABILITY (of those who got us here) --- NO PARTICIPATION (in the wasting of my time)

Sarah Jackson
Grand Terrace

Anonymous said...

While I am disappointed in Kent's role in the naming of the high school, I think we should look back and see who on the board stayed in the game on bringing the high school to Grand Terrace. I think Kent did. Other--past and present--CJUSD Board members have not been as unwavering in their support for the GT site.

Lt. Richard Goldman said...


What I find interesting with the above comment from anonymous and other similar remarks within this movement of renaming the high school and leaving everything else status quo are traces of controlling opposition.

A PysOps tactic called controlling opposition is used to misdirect direction for a cause and/or it guides a group into a direction that will become ineffective or to produce little results.


I like that. If the people on this Blog aren’t going to even discuss and attempt to remove those involved (Kent Taylor) then I’m not going to waste my time here either. You’ve got some good solutions. Thanks for posting.

Lt. Richard Goldman

Amanda Betten said...

Actions come in stages, we start small and move to bigger causes of action.
Amanda Betten

Ryan Beebe said...

Like Amanda said everything has to be done in stages. We have to start with the fastest most effective methods first. Recalls will come later. But the primary action that is taking place is parents exempting their children from the STAR testing. We are acting in stages, and we are focusing whole heartly on each stage one at a time. We do not want to take on too many tasks at once and focus on them half way. We want our effort to matter!

Teachers in the district are helping us to understand the best way to get the school boards attention. If you remeber a couple of years ago the teachers had to rally together against the school board for a better contract, and with the help of the community, thy were sucsessfull. If we use the same techniques as the techers did, we can and WILL be sucsessfull too!

You are doing a GREAT JOB Letti, Wendy, Brenda, and Amanda!!

Anonymous said...

I want to THANK all the parents and community members who rallied together to help us teachers gain respectful attention from not only our district but the board as well. It wasn't until teachers threatened a strike (hit 'em where it hurts)and parents held a "keep your child out of school day" (losing daily $ for attendance) that they took actual action. It also helped that the board room was so full that many teachers & parents had to stand out and around the building. It was interruptive to their agenda.
THANK YOU to all of you past and present who took some form of action.
Can you imagine if one woman didn't start a single cause to gain the right to vote (suffrage) where we'd be today? It took one, then another, then another....
Do you think every woman was happy with the progression, or what the group chose to focus on, or who should be targeted? Definitely not...we are people, humans with a plethora of backgrounds & experiences. BUT, it continued to advance because it was the right thing to do. Thank goodness!
Keep up the good work everyone...and thanks.
Brenda B.