Tuesday, April 14, 2009

{SB Sun 4/14/2009}

Embarrassing Shame

Re: Grand Terrace High School

Residents of Grand Terrace have every right to be angry with Colton Joint Unified School District members! Quite frankly, they should look into a recall of all the members who did this.
Also, I would suggest the families going into neighboring districts of Rialto, San Bernardino and Redlands to have residents there sign the petitions of outrage as well. We all should be angry with this blatant disregard of the people's will!

This is nothing personal against Mr. Abril, but he didn't even come in second. The football field, library or gym should be named after him. If he is truly humble, as he said in his speech at the ground-breaking ceremony, he and his family should step back from this disgrace and remove his name from the school.

County Superintendent Gary Thomas should be contacted, some local college professors, this sort of stuff is right up their civil rights- and freedom-loving alleys, and maybe even the ACLU.
I know I stand behind my Grand Terrace neighbors; this is an embarrassing shame for Colton, which seems to not be able to escape bad publicity.


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Anonymous said...

Who do these board members think they are acountable to? How can they be so blind, deaf, and dumb all at the same time? This smacks of the greatest hypocracy yet (once again committed by a body of elected officals representing Colton). Apparently, the level of stupidity that graces the Colton City Council is infectious and our CJUSD Board have caught the disease. The cure will come with the next election. Uunfortunately, that may be too late. GT residents should contact the SB county superintendent of education, SB county district attorney's office, and Congressman Jerry Lewis to seek an investigation into possible misconduct, improper influence, conflict of interest, and/or fraud by board members and Navarro. At least, San Bernardino County Spervisor, Neil Derry thinks we are justified in our cause to rename the school.

CJUSD Teacher