Monday, August 29, 2011

GTHS Boundary Proposal's

The third plan, High School Draft Plan A levels out enrollment between the three schools, but maintains most of
the elementary/middle/high school feeder patterns, with the exception of Lewis Elementary School, Smith
Elementary School and Grimes Elementary School.  Those three sites would attend Grand Terrace High School,
which alleviates overcrowding on the Bloomington High School campus.  Students residing in that area would
be eligible for transportation, however, despite the distance being greater, the total transportation time for
those students will likely increase by approximately ten minutes.   This is due to traffic conditions which greatly
increase the time it takes to transport students residing north of the I-10 Freeway to Bloomington High School.  

The fourth plan, High School Draft Plan B also levels out the enrollment between the three schools.  While Plan
A uses the I-10 Freeway to separate the Bloomington High School and Grand Terrace High School attendance
areas, Plan B uses Cedar Avenue to divide the two areas.   This plan does not maintain the
elementary/middle/high school feeder patterns and splits the Joe Baca Middle School attendance area
between Bloomington High School and Grand Terrace High School.      
HS Plan B Enrollment

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