Friday, April 17, 2009

{The Sun 4/17/2009}

Far from over

It was interesting to see officials congratulating each other, preening and posing at the groundbreaking ceremony of the new high school in Grand Terrace.

Colton Joint Unified School District and its board have been fumbling this project for not years, but decades. To now spread the credit around, and name the school after one of those same people who so mismanaged this project is ludicrous.

Even Dr. Herb Fischer was there for the event. As much as I admire all the good Dr. Fischer has done, over a long and successful career in education, he is on the wrong side of this issue. As evidence, he now finds himself on the same side as Gil Navarro, that one-issue, one-trick pony.
I think it is time for Grand Terrace to form its own school district, and leave Colton in the dust. From the buzz around town, this issue is far from being over. The next election should bring some dramatic changes to that board.

Grand Terrace


Anonymous said...

I understand your frustration and welcome your support, however, forming our own school district is not the answer. There are too many factors involved, including money. Uniting is the answer. First GT residents for the name change, then district officials with our community. Let's keep the focus on changing the name.

Diane G.

Saundra@ItalianMamaGoneCrazy said...


I like it! That is a great idea!!!