Monday, May 24, 2010

{letter to the editor (the sun)}

Third time no charm
Posted: 05/23/2010

The Colton school board, at its last meeting, approved spending $40,000 for a parcel tax measure feasibility study to see if residents of the Colton Joint Unified School District might approve yet another revenue-generating scheme.
The district has already proven that it can't handle financial prosperity - the funding of projects from recent bond measures B and G. Measure B money was squandered, without many of the amenities listed, before pre-voting promises even started. Measure G is again following suit by the very real possibility of not completing promised projects in its completed pre-bond election literature (i.e., recalling the "twice promised" Grand Terrace High School).

It may be time to make the district responsible for its actions. The Colton district could have possibly allotted, instead, a portion of the $40,000 for money management and basic economic courses for those that are handling the money.

In this era of money shortages at all levels, including personal finances, why would tax money be used in such a manner?

If you give someone in need money twice and they don't spend it as promised, would you fall for the same ploy a third time? I won't. Remember there is an election coming up in November.

Grand Terrace