Thursday, April 2, 2009

{The Sun 4/1/2009}

Pride of Grand Terrace
I grew up in Grand Terrace and remember back in the '70s when GT fought Colton so we could become a city. Colton did not like that. I believe that contributed to the years of empty promises to give our kids their own high school and their own identity.
It looks like Colton is still smarting from that fight. I say get over it and do what is right by the families the new high school will serve.
Would it really kill the Colton Joint Unified School District board members to give in on this one?
We are a city, and we deserve to have pride in where we live just like the Colton residents do.
What are the school board members afraid of? That maybe the GT high school will beat some of those Colton teams? No, that can't be it, can it?
Why doesn't Mr. Abril do the classy thing and step aside to do what is right for the citizens of Grand Terrace who have waited decades for their own high school?


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