Thursday, April 2, 2009

{The Sun 3/31/2009}

Out of line
Overwhelmingly, the residents of Grand Terrace, Colton and even The Sun newspaper have made their opinions very clear.
The Colton Joint Unified School District board members, in their arrogance, have ignored the voices of the very people who put them in office by voting to name the new high school after Ray Abril Jr. instead of the obvious choice, Grand Terrace High School.
When the funding for the school is needed, who gets bill? The taxpayers. But when it comes to naming the school, residents' opinions are cast aside and the school board does whatever it pleases.
All I can say to every voter is they should remember the names of those board members and clean house when the next election comes around. The board members are obviously self-serving and have totally forgotten who allowed them the positions they now hold.


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