Thursday, April 2, 2009

{The Sun 4/1/2009}

Intend to fight
I was appalled by the actions of the Colton Joint Unified School board at the March 12 meeting regarding the naming of Grand Terrace's new high school.
Grand Terrace's years of support for the Colton school district have been disregarded. We were shunned at that board meeting, even after the board itself asked us to vote on this issue and we chose the name Grand Terrace High School.
I have three questions for the board members, and please remember, you all are elected officials.

1. How much money was squandered in this school-naming sham?

2. With Colton and Bloomington having schools named in their honor, why would you deny the acknowledgment of Grand Terrace's existence?

3. How do you explain your flagrant prejudice in the decision you have made knowing this does not give the students of Grand Terrace the opportunity to experience what you have given Colton and Bloomington?

The added advantage is it gives our educators the ability to impress upon our students that school pride extends to pride in our city. Grand Terrace is only asking for our students to be given the opportunity of recognition in those sports playoffs and championships, the band competitions, the write-ups in the paper about our drama club, etc. - that they are from the great city of Grand Terrace.
A suggestion was made to name the school Grand Terrace High School and dedicate it to Ray Abril Jr. but that was not even considered. I intend to fight this decision.

Grand Terrace

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