Thursday, April 2, 2009

{The Sun 4/1/2009}

Americans First
The article about the Colton Joint Unified School District board voting to name the new high school in Grand Terrace after a former board member and not
the city is insulting to the residents of the district.
The residents voted for the school to be named after the city. They are the ones who will be sending their children to the high school.
This is another example of the attitudes of many of our elected officials to push their personal agendas and ignore the will of their constituents.
The Sun seems to ask the same short-sighted sources, such as Gil Navarro, their opinions when a subject touches on ethnicity. When will he, and others like him, understand that all of our children need role models, beginning with their parents, regardless of their ethnic heritage?
Spanish surnamed people settled in this country even before the first settlers from England. We are doing very well as Americans.
Navarro is an example of the ethnic splitting politicians that we have all over this country.
Teach your children that they are Americans, first and foremost. Good role models do not have to look like us to be effective.


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