Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Ground Breaking!

GTHS Ground Breaking
Saturday April 4th

Corner of Main st. and Taylor st.

Please come and join the celebration but remember to bring your Grand Terrace High School Signs. If you have t-shirts be sure to wear them! Write messages on your cars. Paint your faces. Bring your kids too.

We want to have a friendly protest but at the same time we are excited to finally be getting our High School.

There will be several newspapers as well as news media there so show your support.

Go Grand Terrace High!


Anonymous said...

Proud Of Grand Terrace

I have been arguing for this High school with the CJUSD Board for the past 2 years. I have been positive and upbeat the entire time. But at the March 14th board meeting this entire city was shown nothing but disdain and disrepect. Make no mistake this IS about Grand Terrace VS Colton but that was decided by the CJUSD Board. It is time to take the gloves off, this school board is accountable to the residents of this district and if they are going to ignore our wishes when we have done nothing but support them, then is is time for a change. The city has two school board representatives and we must show these two that if they are not going to represent the voters wishes then we must replace them, not tommorrow or next week when they will begin making decisions on the new high school but now so that this high school can represent the community which is going to make it tops in the state. Recall now, Kent Taylor and David Zamora, this is the action that needs to be taken to hold those individuals accountable who ignored the very people who elected them to show fair representation. Is'nt Ray Abril High School actually named after Ray Abril's father??? And when are we going to change the school district logo, because oblivously there is no teamwork and communication, how about jealousy, disrespect and egotism.

Saundra@ItalianMamaGoneCrazy said...

Anonymous... I usually don't like people who post anonymously... but I SO AGREE WITH YOU ON THE "GLOVES OFF" PART! "NICE" is what got us to this point. They think we are a bunch of pushovers.

They think they can railroad us.

"Nice" isn't going to cut it any more.

Asking, begging, pleading to the school district is just giving them more power.

We need to take the name ourselves.
Our city Govt. needs to get involved.

The CJUSD can threaten to pull the plug on the school... but our votes and our bond issue will override their threats.

Why... when the school board slaps us like we are wicked stepchildren, do we just turn the other cheek and take it?

I, for one, think more aggressive measures need to be taken... as in... digging into the reasons and possible corruption of the CJUSD school board, with the Attorney General.

I am mad... and my kids don't even attend school in GT, and I live here!

Brenda Betten said...

I've talked to numerous people that are truly upset about the new High School's name, HOWEVER, if people do not show up in MASS numbers, they absolutely will not take anyone's protests seriously. PLEASE make sure to show up for the ground-breaking on Saturday at 10AM!!!
Brenda Betten
CJUSD teacher

Nick Betten said...

I'm up for a rally march from the city center to the school site Sat. orning before the ground breaking.