Thursday, April 2, 2009

{The Sun 3/31/2009}

Fought for school
Recently, the city of Grand Terrace had a chance to name two new buildings. The first was to name our new senior center. Some suggested that it be named after the lady who has run the existing facility, without compensation, for 20 years.
She denied the honor with grace and class because she felt the center belonged to the city of Grand Terrace and, thus, it was named the Grand Terrace Senior Center.
Then, there was a vote to name the recently approved high school in Grand Terrace.
The Colton Joint Unified School District Board voted to name the Grand Terrace high school after a retired board member.
The city of Grand Terrace has fought for a high school for years and would have loved to have the school named Grand Terrace High School. This would let others know that we have our own high school and it would have given us the privilege to have it named after our city like the first high schools in Colton, Bloomington, San Bernardino, Redlands, Yucaipa, et al.
Understandably, the board would like to honor a retired board member, but couldn't the board name the gymnasium, administration building or a football field after this person?

Grand Terrace

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Anonymous said...

We need a Grand Terrace citizen group in place soon so Colton understands this new high school, is in fact "Grand Terrace's new high school" not a transient school where 75% of the students are bused in from Colton..
Let’s use the old boundaries that once were in place: Grand Terrace, La Loma Hills and Rechie Canyon.

Raise your hand of sit back and watch the CUSD mismanage another one of its schools.
Let's get out and support the city of Grand Terrace.

Thank you

Mr. Smith