Monday, April 27, 2009

{Grand Terrace High School Construction Update}

Today as I was driving by the new school site I noticed some changes.

There are several workers and heavy machinery on site today tearing apart buildings and putting up temporary fencing. It feels so good to finally have some changes being made that we can actually see. I will be driving by frequently and I will take pictures and post them here on the website so that everyone can see the progress.

Pico Street still remains open but it looks like it can be closed at anytime.


Citizen D said...

I hear there is supposed to be an emergency Board Meeting on this Wednesday, April 29 to discuss/vote to rename the school? Robert Armenta says he has the votes..anyone confirm? Not on the district site, but I hear there is an agenda out!

Brian Reinarz said...

I too have heard that Armenta may have had a change of heart, but nobody's saying anything. If he flips, we have the votes (4-3...or 5-2 if Zamora steps up). I have no info on a Wednesday meeting...sounds positive though.

If this story has legs, hopefully the powers-that-be will disseminate that info soon.

I'll keep my ears open.

Anonymous said...

April 29, 2009
Board of Education
Robert D. Armenta, Jr., Board Member
Approval to Name the Educational Grounds at Taylor and Main Streets in Grand Terrace and Amend the Name of Ray Abril High School
Community Relations, Parent Involvement, Facilities and Support Services
Strategy #1 – Communications: We will establish an effective internal and external communications system to keep all partners informed about our mission, objectives, strategies, policies, successes and strengths.
Strategy #4 – Facilities: We will develop and implement a facilities master plan that will provide functional and equitable facilities to accommodate all students and staff.
It has been suggested that the educational grounds, approximately 67.5 acres on Main Street between Taylor and Michigan Streets in Grand Terrace, be named the Ray Abril, Jr., Educational Complex. Further, it has been suggested that the full comprehensive high school located on these grounds be renamed from Ray Abril High School to Grand Terrace High School. Thus, the correct and complete name would be Grand Terrace High School at the Ray Abril, Jr., Educational Complex.
The grounds would house the Career and Technology Center (small learning communities) which would focus on Technology, Business and Marketing, Social Public Services and Health Services. Ray Abril, Jr.’s, advocacy and passion for children’s progress in the classroom would be the theme for the Career and Technology Center.
Staff would design signage and visibility to establish the clear presence of both Grand Terrace High School and the Ray Abril, Jr., Educational Complex. The diplomas would read Grand Terrace High School and would be watermarked Ray Abril, Jr., Educational Complex.
That the Board name the educational grounds at Taylor and Main Streets in Grand Terrace and amend the name of Ray Abril High School as listed:
Educational Grounds: Ray Abril, Jr., Educational Complex
High School Name: Grand Terrace High School
Full Name: Grand Terrace High School at the Ray Abril, Jr., Educational Complex
On motion of Board Member ______________ and ______________, the Board named the educational grounds at Taylor and Main Streets in Grand Terrace and amended the name of Ray Abril High School as recommended

Anonymous said...

SPECIAL BOARD MEETING, OPEN TO THE PUBLIC, ON WEDNESDAY, APRIL 29TH. Robert Armenta sent me an e-mail with the agenda (posted as a comment previous to this one (Anon), but it's me. I forwarded the e-mail to Letty to post on the blogspot. Looks like the name WILL BE CHANGED TO GRAND TERRACE HIGH SCHOOL, but will be followed by "at the Ray Abril Jr. Educational Complex". So, you know it will be known as GT High. period. So, yay. Color me happy !! Oh hey, if you want an acronym (I'll bet Robby didn't think of this), it'll be GTHS-ATRAJEC, kinda fitting, since it is "a trajic" name !! But hey, I can live with that, since GRAND TERRACE HIGH SCHOOL precedes it !!!

Lori WIlliams
Grand Terrace

Anonymous said...

I meant "a TRAGIC name", but y'all got the pun, right?

KAugsburger said...

It's good to see them actually start doing some real work. Hopefully they will actually finish the construction on schedule.

If this information about the 'special meeting' is accurate then it will be a formality in changing. Hopefully once the whole naming issue is out of the way people can focus their efforts on the real issues facing the district.

Brian Reinarz said...

I just saw the information on the meeting in this morning's Press Enterprise. Wednesday at 5:30...thanks a bunch for your post Lori.

Daniel said...

If you notice the signs around the school site that say Ray Abril have been removed. Maybe new ones with the new name are already being made.

RLoder said...

There is a small article about the emergency board mtg in the Press Enterprise This morning in the local section(Tues)