Tuesday, April 28, 2009

{Special Board Meeting}

Wednesday April 29, 2009
CJUSD Board Room
851 South Mt. Vernon
Colton, CA 92324

As many of you know the school Board has called a special board meeting for tomorrow eveningat 5:30pm. We are very excited but optimistic at the same time. The proposed name would be Grand Terrace High School but it will be located at the Ray Abril Jr. Educational Complex. So yes the High School will be GTHS.

We are hoping that if you attend this meeting that you be respectful of everyone involved. This meeting was called for the sole purpose of renaming High School #3 so it will probably be very short and we want it that way.

If all goes as planned we want to remind the parents that they need to call the school in which your child attends and tell them that your child WILL be taking the test. We want to put as much effort into getting the kids to test as we did at getting them to opt out.

So please remember that we have had many many people involved in the renaming and they have been very respectful from the beginning. We need to keep it that way long after the name changing.


Ryan Beebe said...

I will be there. But we need to make sure we stay CALM and POSITIVE. We can NOT have loud outbursts like the last meeting. Like the post said, I hope the meeting is short and successful!

Anonymous said...

I think we all should say thank you to Letti and all the others who just would not give up on Grand Terrace High School.

Anonymous said...

Of course, this option is better than the previous option. I still think the name should just be GTHS without any additional references made to RAJr. The admin building can be the RAJr admin buidling and the library can reference that DeGroff person many are so fond of.

Anonymous said...

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