Sunday, April 26, 2009

{Press Enterprise 4/26/2009}

Listen to constituents

What is it with our elected officials who simply don't get it? People have made it clear that they are unhappy with any name for the new high school other than "Grand Terrace High School" ("No change to school's name," April 24).

There should be an election between now and the opening of the school in 2011.

David C. Face


KAugsburger said...

There is no question that there will be at least one school board election before the new high school opens. The terms for Marge Mendoza-Ware, Mel Albiso, David Zamora, and Robert Armenta end in 2010. There could be an election sooner if a recall is qualified before then.

The more interesting question is going to be who is going to run for those seats and how serious of a campaign are the challenger going to run. Assuming the issue on the name of the high school is resolved before the next election any would be challenger is going to have to demonstrate they have a good idea on how they are going to address some of the issues facing the district(i.e. poor test scores, a low graduation rate, low college attendance, etc.)

It is a bit early to predict 2010 but if the past is any indication of the future I predict not very many people will actually put much time or money into any campaign for that election. Fewer still will try to run themselves. I hope that my prediction will be wrong but I am very skeptical about that.

Anonymous said...

This is a no brainer issue.It creates passion among the folks because it is a sense of being led and directed by an agenda. These folks on the board, with support of few,are flirting with a dangerous precedent. If they do not compromise and adjust to the will of the peolple of Grand Terrace, and compromise doesn't mean we all negotiate with 3 or 4 men in this case,this will be a sour spike in the relation between our town and those that govern for a long time. The issue will be brought up over and over again in the future.A firm resentment for a long time. This seems so foolishly hardheaded on behalf of elected officials, who site a man for the name of the school,that no one hardly knows about,who has "passion for the students of this district".WHO DOES NOT have concern and passion for any student in any school to succeed! The reasons they give for naming the school this way are totally weak.Therefore the suspicion by many of something wierd about this whole deal.

Amanda Betten said...

Actually several people are going to be running in the next election based on their actions!! Yeah, our community is coming together and people are stepping up to take responsibility!
Amanda Betten

Daniel said...

This school board has been a failure for years. They run on lies and false statements. Yet the people keep putting them back in office. To many people do not know what the board is doing and vote for the incumbant as the default. I am not sure why they want to be in office, but when at a board meeting most of them act like they want to be somewhere else. I like how Marge stated "they don't answer questions".

Anonymous said...

Just replace the guy that sits there with that smug looking smirk on his face. ;)

Anonymous said...

From a source, Mel Albiso changed the school plans for Grand Terrace. No football stadium, no pool....nice