Friday, April 10, 2009

{Last Night's School Board Meeting}

I want to thank everyone who came and supported the efforts of renaming our new high school. We had a good amount of people attend but we need more. Several people spoke up and they all did very well and received a huge applause from the audience.

At the end of the meeting Robert Armenta asked the board to bring up the naming of the high school at the next school board meeting. This was met with great applause.

Kent Taylor was next and he looked out at all of the GTHS supporters and thanked them for coming and supporting the high school. He also asked that the naming of the High School be brought up at the next school board meeting as well. He also asked to have a special meeting in regards to the high school naming. They were going to discuss this in their special closed door meeting.

Pat Haro (our hero) also asked that their be a special meeting as well as the naming be brought up at the next school board meeting.

I also thought it was interesting that the board members never called it Ray Abril High School. They always referred to it as the new high school. The only person to call it Ray Abril High School was a school district employee who was talking about the contractors.

So overall I felt the meeting wasn't bad but it wasn't good either but coming out of the meeting I felt better than I did going in.

I want to commend all those that spoke on our behalf. There was no anger shown and your speeches were very well to the point. I would like the school district to see that we are professional and we will not stoop the the level that the others have shown. Tobin Brinker thank you I thought your speech was exactly what we all want to say. Jaime Vilches I loved that you told them your feelings as well I agreed with everything you said.

Thank you again to everyone that came. We need to have 3 times as many people at the next meeting so spread the word and wear your shirts with pride.

I know that what we are doing is paying off. Our hard work has not gone unnoticed. We need to keep working hard and not give up until our High School is named Grand Terrace High School.

The next meeting will be April 23rd at 5:00pm. Please make a note of this so that you can attend.


Amanda said...

Tobin you did an excellent job! I think the board is just trying to appease us, we need MASS NUMBERS OF PEOPLE to show up and voice their opinion!

Please show up and help us change the name!

Nate Gross said...

My wife and I and our 6 month old future Grand Terrace High School student will be at the next meeting.

Thank you to the people who are organizing all of this. I believe this movement will gather momentum until the name is changed. Thanks again.