Saturday, April 11, 2009

{Attention Everyone}

Community Meeting
Monday April 13th

Rollins Park

Please come and bring your ideas. We will be going over what we have accomplished so far and what we need to do next.


Amanda Betten said...

I'll be there and a man voluntered his boyscout troop to help pass out flyers!

if anyone else has people who want to help, please let us know!


Anonymous said...

I will be there! We need to let parents of students in the district know how much power they have right now!
Brenda B

Kelli said...

Terrace Hills Middle School will be having Parent-Teacher conferences on Monday afternoon and evening and from 1:45-3:15 Tues.-Thurs.

Silence DoGoodie said...


The people of Grand Terrace energetically fight for the name of a school yet refuse to fight for a title of integrity associated with their city’s local government. If there was a gain in the high school name being changed to Grand Terrace High a greater loss still exists in honest representation of the Grand Terrace constituency. The removal of a public official who violates his oath of office to serve the best interest of the public should be a priority and just as important as signing petitions to change the High School name. You might gain a name change on a building, but the continuing misrepresentation of Grand Terrace residents will flourish and exacerbate the contemptuous fraud upon the Grand Terrace community.

The San Bernardino County Sentinel reported that Herman Hilkey stated, “...board member Kent Taylor told the school board that if they would support putting the high school in Grand Terrace he would support putting naming it after Ray Abril (Abril, San Bernardino County Sentinel, Friday, April 19, 2009, p. 5). If this is a fact then why do Grand Terrace citizens reward such a grievous violation of the peoples’ trust by allowing Kent Taylor to remain in office for his full term (reelection in 2012)? Taylor serves as the representative for the Grand Terrace ward --- we have the votes to remove him!


Again, I still have reservations on whether there is authentic high school name change support from the Major and members of the Grand Terrace City Council due to the question of whether an official letter on letterhead with signatures was actually sent by the Grand Terrace City Council to the C.J.U.S.D. members of the Board of Trustees. If the Mayor and City Council were sincerely supportive of the cause, they would have at least provided a PDF copy of the “official letter” on letterhead and with their signatures for all to review.

This brings us to the question of whether or not the Mayor and the Grand Terrace City Council are operating in the best interest of their constituency. What we’re seeing and hearing is further political lip-service and dancing around the elephant in the room. That casts suspicion of their involvement in a backroom deal.

Silence DoGoodie

KAugsburger said...

Accomplishments? Other from getting a few newspaper articles published what has really been accomplished?

Call me a cynic but I think the only action that is going to get much interest from the school board is to start working on the process of recalling the majority of the school board.

KAugsburger said...

In response to Silence DoGoodie. Your points on the Grand Terrace City Council doesn't seem very relevant. The Grand Terrace city council has little influence over the school board and no role in naming the school. Making a poster of the letter and signing the letter John Hancock style probably wouldn't have swayed the board.

I am sure there are more important issues for the Grand Terrace city council to spend their time on then this.

Nate Gross said...

An anonymous person posted the below quoted section on another website. I think if it's true then we need to make a big deal out of it. His votes should be public record and if he voted against having a high school in Grand Terrace then I don't want his name on anything in the school.

"Four times Ray Abril vote against having a high school in Grand Terrace. But now he wants it named after him? He will see he should have done it the American way! Democracy is the only way! This will be a fight worth fighting and winning. Not only to get the school named Grand Terrace High School. But to eject the current school board members who supported this."

I used to have nothing against Ray Abril, but I'm starting to rethink my position.