Friday, March 27, 2009

{The Sun 3/26/2009}

Honor them all

Re: "Listen to families," March 19.

As I read this letter, I realized there have been a lot of dedicated people who are deserving of the honor of having a high school named after them. Ray Abril Jr. is just one of them.
Growing up in Colton, a second-generation Colton High School graduate, I encountered many wonderful educators, counselors, administrators and support staff who gave tirelessly of themselves. In my more than 20 years teaching and working at five different sites for Colton Joint Unified School District, I have worked alongside and for hard-working dedicated and inspiring people, all of whom deserve this honor.
It takes many people to educate one child, and CJUSD has some of the best people working for it. I know that because I was educated by them and now work with them. I feel my greatest honor is serving as a teacher, but that is not a place where many others see your hard work.
So, please, Mr. Abril and school board members, reconsider the name of the new high school.
Grand Terrace has been a part of CJUSD a long time. Colton has a high school named in its honor, so does Bloomington. It only makes sense to name Grand Terrace's school after the city. The people wanted the name Grand Terrace High. Lots of others are just as deserving as Mr. Abril, but the best name honors them all. It brings us together as the united district that we are. It honors all of the dedicated workers who make up the Colton Joint United School District.

Kindergarten teacher, Alice Birney Elementary School,

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