Saturday, March 14, 2009

{Letter sent to all Local Newspapers and Board Members}

To members of the Colton "Joint Unified" (???) School District:

I have been a citizen of Grand Terrace for over 35 years. My husband and I graduated from Colton High School, as did our 6 children.
I am angered and saddened regarding your naming of high school #3:

--You asked for suggestions for the name and yet disregarded the most popular name, that being Grand Terrace High School.

--High school #1, Colton and #2, Bloomington are named after the cities they are located in, why change now.

--You are choosing to honor one man while dishonoring a whole city.

--"Ray Abril" always used the name "Ray Abril, Jr." Why not use the Jr. now, are you honoring him or his father?

--Why not name it Eulis Hubbs (father of Ken Hubbs) High School? He served as President of the Colton Joint Unified School Board, was a citizen of Grand Terrace, and is deceased.

--Or Dr. Owen J. Cook High School, former CJUSD Superintendent, Grand Terrace resident, and recently deceased.

--Mr. Abril, Mr. Hubbs, and Dr. Cook all are good men that served the school district well, yet GTHS is still the most logical and fitting name.

--Why not change the name of Colton Memorial Stadium (home of one of the greatest football programs around), to Ray Abril Jr. Stadium?

--Your approval of a high school in the city of Grand Terrace took many, many years. Why so quick to name it, with very little notice to the citizens, and allowing so little time for input at the school board meeting?

--You say Bloomington needs a new high school desperately, well...

--The citizens of Grand Terrace along with Colton and Bloomington, have paid taxes and passed bond measures to fund all schools in the district.

--I hope you will listen to the citizens you claim to be representing and change the name to the more appropriate and fitting GRAND TERRACE HIGH SCHOOL.

--Or maybe Grand Terrace RA(H!) High School!

Thank you for reconsidering your decision,
Kathy Bowler

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