Saturday, March 14, 2009

{letter from another citizen}

This is the same Kent Taylor who changed his name to Kent “Hernandez” Taylor on Election Day. Many people mentioned that he had changed his name to “Hernandez” and I thought this was great; he was embracing his “Hernandez” heritage. However, as I drove through Grand Terrace and Colton during campaign time I noticed that all his signs said “Kent Taylor”. No “Hernandez” in sight. I figured that maybe I had been misinformed and I would give Mr. Taylor the benefit of the doubt. Come Election Day, Brian, and can you guess what name was on the ballot? Kent Hernandez Taylor!? As a Mexican American who is very proud of my heritage (on a daily basis) I was very offended!! My name is “Torres” ever day of the year, not just when I feel it will benefit me or win over some voters!!! I am proud to say that I voted for Housley. Since Election Day I have not seen Hernandez anywhere near Mr. Taylor’s name. Oh, Saint Patrick’s Day is coming and I think I will change my name to Cindy “O’Reily” Torres (just for the day of course).

Cindy Torres

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