Friday, January 20, 2012

{GTHS January 2012}

I went on a tour of Grand Terrace High School today.  The school was amazing!  It really is beautiful.  Every room we went into was so amazing.  I love that they are having a dance studio and a pool.  I didn't know that high schools had a dance studio.  The campus looks like a college campus with lots of open areas for students to hang out with friends or to find a quiet place to study.

If you were not planning on sending your kids to GTHS you might want to reconsider.  The principal and staff are amazing and so ready to do whatever they can to make GTHS the best High School around.
The Special Ed. Students have their very own drop off spot and entrance directly into their own classrooms.
Here is the Science lab.  Very beautiful and very up to date.
Here you are looking out at the Varsity Baseball field.  In the background you can see the softball fields as well as the JV baseball field.
Inside one of the many classrooms.
The library and outdoor amphitheater.
On the left is the students main entrance onto campus with the library on the right of it.
The dance studio.  Isn't that amazing that our High School will have a dance studio.  This is located in the gym.
The new floor getting ready to be put in the gym.
The Gym.
This gym is huge!
Notice the color of the air conditioning ducts.  Teal which is one of our school colors.
The gym also has a concession stand which is very nice.
The main entrance into the gym and the ticket booth.
Swimming pool area.
Pool.  It is all state of the art with electronic touch pads for the swim meets.
Football field and track.
Football field.  They are beginning to build the visitor bleachers.
football field.
Home Bleachers.
The Cafeteria is Stunning.  It looks like it belongs in a High School Movie set.  I love the lights and the school colors painted along the top of the walls.
Check out the student lunch area.
Outdoor Amphitheater.
Snack bar area in Auditorium.
Foyer in the Auditorium.
Lecture Hall.
Computer Lab.
Outside of classrooms.
Hallway of upstairs classrooms.
Kitchenette in the special ed classes.
Shower in the special ed classes.
Washer and dryer hookups in the special ed classes.
Special Ed classroom.
Hallway downstairs.
Another Special Ed classroom I think their was a total of three classrooms.
Student parking lot.
Inside the stage.

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