Thursday, March 25, 2010

{broken promises}

At the oversight bond G meeting on Monday we learned that the Grand Terrace High School will be completed without some of the amenities that were promised on and in the web site that was posted, such as stadium, swimming pool etc. It is a shame that after being promised a finished product well over a decade ago with bond B, and then after failure and a re promise of the school with bond G, that it still cannot be completed . Many people risked their reputations by supporting G to fellow citizens with the promise of total completion as shown on artist renditions etc. In addition voters trusted their/your word with a yes vote. We as an oversight G group forwarded a recommendation to the board I am in hopes it has been shared with you and that you give it a lot of thought. There will be a lot of very upset citizens and not only in Grand Terrace if their trust in your word and promises is broken yet another time.


Tasha said...

So so frustrating!!! I hope they know we will not be happy.

Anonymous said...

If anyone expected the board to handle the building of the school correctly obliviously has not been around the district very long.