Wednesday, July 15, 2009

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December 11, 2004
By CADONNA PEYTON / The Press-Enterprise

At least one community member has filed a complaint with the San Bernardino City Unified School District claiming one of its assistant superintendents is making racist comments while harassing a trustee of another local school board.
Erica Manos of Lake Elsinore filed her complaint with the district's affirmative action office last week. She, along with Robin Hvidston of Upland and Sharon Higa of Chino Hills, attended the district's board meeting Tuesday to speak against Assistant Superintendent Mel Albiso.

However, the women said they were dissuaded from speaking because officials told them they had to file the appropriate complaint form first.

Albiso has attended two Colton Joint Unified School District board meetings to speak about trustee Marge Mendoza-Ware for statements she made at an Oct. 8 KFI AM 640 radio program. Mendoza-Ware was invited to the "John and Ken Political Human Sacrifice" program because one of their targets was U.S. Rep. Joe Baca Sr., and she was running against his son, Joe Baca Jr., in the 62nd Assembly District election.

At the event, Mendoza-Ware said that illegal immigrants are costing schools, hospitals and other public agencies a lot of money. Albiso, who considers the statement racist, has said he is upset that Mendoza-Ware acknowledged that she was a Colton trustee but did not say that her opinions were not of the entire board.

At the Nov. 4 board meeting, Albiso asked Colton trustees to censure Mendoza-Ware, and if they refused to take action, he promised to make Colton a "very complicated school district to work in."

To do that, Albiso said, he would use the Public Records Act to request all correspondence related to actions the board has taken internally and externally and "make a public issue of them."

At the Nov. 18 meeting, Albiso said, "Don't be fooled. This has nothing to do with immigration. This has to do with brown faces and non-brown."

The statements upset Manos.

"Anytime someone brings up immigration of any form, they are accused of being racist," she said.

Both Manos and Higa, who along with Hvidston planned to mail in her complaint, call Albiso's actions toward the board "blackmail."

"Any person who attempts to subdue freedom of expression and makes inflammatory or racist remarks publicly is not fit to hold a position of authority," Manos said.

Albiso, in charge of classified human resources, declined to comment following Tuesday's San Bernardino board meeting and did not return numerous calls made to his office and cell phone.


Amanda Betten said...

This was from 2004 and it an issue....
again, do we get to vote for these people? or ....yeah not....

Amanda Betten

Saundra@ItalianMamaGoneCrazy said...

I have a looooong memory.

The fact that our School Board has chosen to move their election back another year, to me, means nothing... it just gives me more time to make sure EVERY SINGLE PERSON I know votes when the time comes, and VOTES TO GET PEOPLE LIKE ALBISO, ARMENTA, ZAMORA, AND WARE OFF THE SCHOOL BOARD!

I don't care if a DOG is on the ballot... I'll vote for it!

Albiso... you HAVE made the school board unbearable... mission accomplished... but that doesn't mean your time in your seat has to comfortable... see you at the polls!!!

Anonymous said...

Speaking of arrogance and don't forget greed, you might want to check out the Opinion & Editorial section in the 7/16/09 edition of the Colton Courier/Inland Empire Community Newspapers. Cynthia Mendoza's editoral is appropriately entitled - Greed and arrogance. She makes some good points, as does the poster of this past article. We must remember the past and what these people really represent (their actions in sum total) in order to stop their continued threat to the community.

Brian R. said...

Saundra...your dog now has 2 votes. This Albiso character is a bad guy...has been from the beginning. His career needs to be cut short just like another bad guy's career was. Remember Bill Postmus? He ended his own career...we'll probably need to end Albiso's at the ballot box. I too, have a long memory!

Anonymous said...

Please check out The Sun today - 7/31/09 - front headline - Premature move? by Stephen Wall. By moving school board elections to odd years the cost rises significantly, thus Colton Joint Unified is going to rethink this move. The county Board of Supervisors still has yet to ratify Colton Joint Unified's request. "Colton school board member Robert Armenta Jr., who voted againt moving the election, said he will ask his colleagues to switch the election back to 2010. Armenta said he will ask the matter be placed on the Aug. 20 agenda. The estimated cost to hold the election in 2010 is $51,000 to continue to move it to 2011 would bring tht cost to $155,000, plus $8,800 to mail election-change notices, according to the paper. Sounds like a no brainer - lets see the infamous four try to defend their positions now!!!!! Mark August 20 on your calendar!!!!