Monday, May 18, 2009

{Construction update}

This morning I drove by the GTHS site to see what was going on. I decided to take some pictures to give you an idea.
Here they are tearing down one of the last two metal buildings that are still standing. These are located on Main Street.

This is on Main street where the lumber used to be stored.
Another picture further down Main St. Today they were rolling up the old fences from the lumber yard.
We saw this coyote as we were driving down Taylor Street. He didn't seem to mind us or the big back hoe that was digging about 50 feet in front of him on Pico Street.
Here is the back hoe taking out the different trees along what used to be Pico Street.
Below is a tractor clearing debris of what used to be the building that held the offices for the lumber company.
Whats left of the lumber company building.
Its exciting to see the progress that is being made. Every day they are working on something new. Grand Terrace High School has been a long time coming so to finally see construction makes it finally seem real.


Amanda said...

wow, good pics!!! glad to see it is finally getting under way! Yeah
Amanda Betten

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the last pics of our old home. How many people know of the haunted house that was there in 1940's ??