Thursday, April 23, 2009

{Thank You to Everyone that attended the meeting}

As many of you know the meeting tonight went very bad. One of the board members flipped and the name did not change.

We are not giving up!

Please tell everyone to opt there kids out of the test. This is the most powerful thing that we can do at this moment.

The fight is still on GO GRAND TERRACE HIGH!

****if you would like to help there will be parents at Colton High School at 6:30am tomorrow morning handing out opt out forms.

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Anonymous said...

I spoke to two board members tonight who recommended that we CONTINUE to send EMAILS to board members on a regular basis. To paraphrase one of the members--KEEP THE EMAILS BRIEF, CONCISE, AND NON-THREATENING. Do not make personal attacks towards members that may distract from your originial point.

Keep submitting the test waivers too!

CJUSD Teacher