Thursday, April 9, 2009

{The Sun 4/9/2009}

Decline the offer
In light of all the letters, comments and opinions that have been submitted about the naming of Colton Joint Unified School District's newest high school, one person, group or family that appears to have remained silent is the name in question: Ray Abril Jr.
Why have we not heard from Ray himself or a relative?
How about it, Abril family? Why not do the right thing by both the citizens of Colton and Grand Terrace and renounce, relinquish and/or otherwise decline the "prestigious" offer of a high school being named in your honor? I'm sure that if you are the "outstanding" and "honorable" former school board member that you are so often called, you will do the "outstanding" and "honorable" thing by stating publicly that the newest high school be named by its proper name of Grand Terrace High School.
Let's give it up for the Abrils for modestly and humbly declining the offer of a high school named after him or them. We all know that you will do the right thing.

San Bernardino

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