Friday, April 3, 2009

Read a letter from the Grand Terrace City Council about the naming of Ray Abril High School

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Silence DoGoodie said...

Backroom Politics in the making...?

I most certainly applaud S.B. County Supervisor Neil Derry for writing a letter to Mrs. Mendoza-Warez, President of Colton Joint Unified School District, over the questionable resolve in the naming of the new high school being built in Grand Terrace. In review of the PDF document Supervisor Derry has released, the letter is presented in an appropriate manner, written on official letterhead with the inclusion of his signature.

However, upon review of the posted PDF document that contains a letter written and released by the Grand Terrace City Council Members to members of the Board of Trustees (CSUSD), I question the validity of this letter. While this correspondence references content over the naming of Ray Abril High School, it lacks not only the official letterhead of the Grand Terrace City Council but it also lacks signatures of the five individuals referenced as the signatories of the letter. Are Grand Terrace residents being misled once again? Is this letter authentic? If it is, prove it!

The lack of credible representation of Grand Terrace can also be denoted in the double-speak of Board member Kent Taylor’s own statement in how he “[s] the decision that was made based on all the input ...received from Grand Terrace residents and Colton residents” (The Sun, S. Wall, March 26, 2009). This very statement insinuates a bias in his so-called input from Grand Terrace constituency. With what method did Board Member Kent Taylor conduct and gather his results? Where can I review these statistics? How many were polled from Grand Terrace residents? How many were from Colton?

Long time Grand Terrace residents should recognize the insincerity of the Colton Joint Unified School District’s resolve by its continuing actions and flagrant arrogance that has consistently proven their indicative disdain toward the City of Grand Terrace and its residents since its incorporation.

This representative government has betrayed its constituents. These individuals who claim to represent the best interests of Grand Terrace need to be recalled and those who hide behind a fuzzy commitment claiming to show support for the community need to be voted out in the next election.

It is time to take a stand.

Silence DoGoodie