Monday, April 20, 2009

Look how many people are looking at us!

Check out the counter at the bottom right hand column under the "Followers" of this blog. We now have almost 4000 hits to the blog and over 3000 signatures turned in.. Go Grand Terrace High School!


Amanda Betten said...

And we just did interviews with the Press Entprise and the SUN news, it will be in tomorrows paper!

Colton School District residents, you ROCK!!!

Thanks for all your help!
Amanda Betten

KAugsburger said...

Assuming that the majority of the signers of your petition are residents of the Colton School District and actually eligible to vote(you can always register them to vote if they aren't registered) you could have been well on your way to qualifying a recall election had you filed the paperwork with the registrar of voters. Since the minimum number of valid signatures to qualify the recall is ~8K and you would have 120 days to circulate it seems like that would be a realistic goal.

I hope you collected these people's addresses so that you can easily contact them again in the likely event that the you decide to launch a recall or one or more of your cohorts decides to run in a future school board election. Otherwise you are going to waste a lot of time trying to find these people again.

BookLady said...

How are you getting your info? Why are you following this blog anyway? How can you not even know what is on the petition? They are circulating all over Colton school district. Hmmmm . . .