Tuesday, March 17, 2009

{Thanks Mr. Grant}

From the Riverside Press-Enterprise, Tuesday, March 17, Letter to the Editor,

School naming: a sham

An example of expedient democracy was recently practiced by the Colton Joint Unified School District Board of Education ("Board OKs name for new high school," March 13).
On March 12, the board voted to name the new high School to be built in Grand Terrace after a retired board member.
The board had earlier asked the public to suggest names for the new school, and residents strongly recommended the name Grand Terrace High School. All but one member of the board voted to ignore the wishes of the residents of Grand Terrace.
It seems to me that the members of the board had already made up their minds, and asking for input was merely a pretense at democratic action. Proffering this phony invitation was an expedient way to look clean.

Grand Terrace

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