Monday, March 23, 2009

{Sun Newspaper 3/22/2009}

What's in name?

When is 17 more than 124? When Colton Joint Unified School District officials say it is!
Since the naming of the new high school was obviously a foregone conclusion, it was a complete waste of time and money arranging the recent board meeting.
It will be a high school, and it will be in Grand Terrace, so it will be Grand Terrace High School, in spite of the political shenanigans trying to name it after a person who, I believe, has roots in Colton, not Grand Terrace.
I'm sure that most people in Grand Terrace had never, or only vaguely, heard of Mr. Abril, and if, as I understand, he is a "junior" that will lead to much confusion, as we already have a "junior" high school.
Anyway, most people in Grand Terrace will call it Grand Terrace High School, regardless!

Grand Terrace

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