Saturday, March 14, 2009

{letter from a concerned resident}

Mr Taylor,

I'm sure this letter will fall somewhere in the stack of angry letters that you have already gotten and are about to get. First a little background, I have always supported you since I've lived in Grand Terrace. I've always thought you to be a "straight shooter," and a good guy. I've attended several board meetings and have seen you around the soccer fields. This is why your second of the Abrill motion confounds me beyond belief. I can't figure it out. Why in the world would you turn your back on Grand Terrace after supporting our high school for so long? I just can't wrap my head around this. I was really not surprised by the votes of the other board members. Most of them didn't even want the school in Grand Terrace so this was their final shot at Grand Terrace, and they took it. Why you though? Could you please explain to my 12 yr old daughter why you did this? She went online to research Ray Abrill and has already asked why a guy who lived in Colton has his name on our school. I know, I know..its a Colton District school, but lets be will be in Grand Terrace.

I am sooooo disallusioned right now. When Housley ran against you last year, a group of soccer parents tried to get me to join his campaign , but I said, "oh no...Kent Taylor is our voice...he is our champion." Guess I should have given Housley a second look; you can bet I will next time. Please explain to my family and I why I am wrong. I am so angry right now that I can barely think straight so I'll stop typing and hit send.

Brian Reinarz

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heart nan said...

I know Kent fought hard for GTHS, for which I am very grateful, but his actions in this case are very confusing.
Kent, what were you thinking? You represent Grand Terrace.