Tuesday, March 24, 2009

{City Council Meeting Tonight}

Tonight at 6:30pm
City Council Meeting

We need to be there to show our support! Gather your friends and neighbors and let them know that we need as many people as possible.

Remember that we are doing this for our community and we should not bring any negativity to this meeting and future events in regards to this high school. We want to show the rest of the surrounding cities that we are good people standing up for what we believe in. This is also not a race issue, I have heard comments regarding this and I am quick to respond that this is not what this is about.

No matter who the High School would have been named after we still would be here fighting for the name to be Grand Terrace High School regardless of race or gender.

I hope to see you tonight. Thanks again, Collette


Brenda said...

CJUSD polled its employees through district-wide email. Even those results seem to have been ignored. Did the district leave the naming of the school completely up to the board? Did they think they'd make us feel better by saying they at least asked?
The CJUSD is holding the ground breaking ceremony on Saturday, April 4 at 10AM. I believe as citizens of Grand Terrace, our presence needs to be known, especially since it is our neighborhoods that will be directly affected by the school's location.
Is there any interest in organizing a picket or large group of people standing in silence?

Anonymous said...

I agree with this!! This would be the most CRITICAL of times for the Grand Terrace Residents, AS WELL AS ALL supports who are within this CJUSD jurisdiction. THIS IS THE TIME TO SPEAK OUT...DO NOT LET ANYONE TALK YOU OUT OF IT. THERE IS NOT NEED TO KEEP QUIET OR LAY LOW!! SPEAK OUT AND SPEAK OUT NOW!!